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College Will Not Look The Same This Year Thumbnail

College Will Not Look The Same This Year

For the last couple of decades, it was almost ingrained in our minds that upon graduating from high school, the next phase is to spend 4 years studying at a college or university before entering the workforce in our field of study. The recurring theme that I often hear is that higher education costs have increased to a point that the value received is not worth the substantial expense.

Empty Nesting: A Mindset Makeover Thumbnail

Empty Nesting: A Mindset Makeover

With the next stage, or milestone, in life quickly approaching, it seems only logical to reach a state of reflection. Did I do enough for my child(ren) so they will be able to succeed and function independently? How do we not only hold onto the memories we have created over the years, but also make the most out of the last days living under the same roof together? How will the relationship shift and evolve once he or she is no longer at home and what is that relationship going to look like? Maybe more importantly, what is life going to look like for you?